Sunday, February 19, 2012


This weeks is the climax of my life. although this month "February" is my birth month should be a happy thing, but I feel different. I was a nobody, I was not able to do anything, even if it's just for myself. tired of this, my achievements are always difficult, I am longing to achieve extremely difficult. what is wrong? what else is on? I've tried, can be much better (again). I can not just cry, whine and hear the babble-babble. I just want to be my true self, get it all. Was selfish? well, I would not do it again, trying for the umpteenth time. So what should I do? any suggestions?

Tired of this. in what way I should end it? to give up hope? dreaming? daydream? god .. please change it all .. I want yan better yet, again again and again. give me ease, give me light. what is actually happening inside of me actually I do not know. frankly I NEED HELP

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