Sunday, April 8, 2012

Night To Remember

That friday was refreshing moment after mid-term exam, Hang, Enjoy and Smile
These are photos taken by me at the time,.. :))

Sweet roses with Aji and Pucca
Tami, Nicky, Pucca 
These were group 1 and their roses. Actually, and that prom the EOs were separating us ito two group. And, i was in group 1
These are some of the coolest moments.. When the accoustic band as the representtative from each group were showing their talent and poping up our heartbeat to jump, yell and sig along. How Excited that time.And, by that promnite as The 7th Movie Night of 10th grade. It made us one step closer to The 9th Movie Night, there will be ma house as the EOs hehe :)) keep spirit!! just wait for The 8th movie Night by Dolphin soon :)) and the 1st up to 6th, im still in reviewing process and looking for the photos... Thankies!!

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Marvin Pamuntjak said...

Loooooook !!! My beloved guitar :D !