Saturday, November 3, 2012

A cup of coffee

LIFE. something that is very common to pin down. Everything feels abstract when we begin to describe it. As though all the secrets and logics collected into single subject. How does it feel? Actually, that's life. A time when the questions of -what, -why, and -how are favorite.

Life is not always in the "X" axis (Read: Flat). There are always salty and sweet. Like a cup of hot coffee in the afternoon, life would be beautiful when everything is placed at the appropriate time and in the right portions. We have to believe in ourselves when putting our own sugar in coffee, do not be afraid of sweetness, which is why taking risks is sometimes necessary in life.

Sometimes, we felt the hot sting on the tongue when tasting our own coffee, everyone has their own way to express it. So is life, everyone has his/her own way to be against problems in life. No need to get upset. Not too sad. Everything is up. It is called the abstraction of life. 

Satisfied is time when we can spend our coffee without getting a bitter taste of the dregs at the end. In life, it does not mean we only dare to play in the safe zone. But. That hope in life. Is there a man who consciously say yes! to enjoy the bitterness of life?. If there are people like that, maybe his/her life is full and tired of the sweetness of sugar. Or does not have sensitivity to his/her own destiny. Or maybe their sugar stocks run out. Or ...... (something).

There is no excuse when we have to interfere a cup of coffee belongs to someone else with our own recipe. Because it is a cup of your coffee, enjoy it!. While this is mine.


Dayin Wijaya said...

Yea, coffee completely represents our lives.

Febriyan Arif said...

Yaa... just love ur coffee authentically

Dayin Wijaya said...

modus -_-"

Febriyan Arif said...