Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A geek

Ya.. I just did the nite. [Cont.]
{The Continuation}

Firstly, i wanna say a billion dozen thanks to Allah S.W.T for gimme the chance
           To stand on the stage
           And yaa, be one of them

Honestly, i didnt expect myself to be something that happened at the nite.

The another story ;
I didnt know whether it proud-ing me or not.
But the fact, i just annoyed by this thing.
In term of "do as s.o. does". (Hopefully, u can understand my words) I didnt place myself in this position.
Because of what? "something". absolutely, yes!. But try to find another answer.
He or She ya.. Just call up-to-you, didt feel that since that day, they didturb everything on my head, brain.
I just want to stand -all by myself. but ya..
Everyone born as who they are.. ya just be who i am. no need to be who you are
Somethin seems like puzzle, just enjoy my words on italic, bold, and normal or another shape-d.
I dont know why i did this. But i just disturbed by this. I didnt use other's rules. I used my own. [Cont.]

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