Sunday, March 10, 2013

No regrets ! for being a best friend

I've watched several movies about friendship, and honestly all the endings of the movies are always easily predicted by me That's why, it's hard to choose which movie that really impressed me. And when I asked my roommate, he reminded me of a movie which I didn't watch because I chose another movie two years ago. it's called Bridge to Terabithia.

 Synopsis : 
This movie (2007) tells us about a couple of  ten-year-old kids, Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke.The story was based on the original novel, and the story was truely happened to the childhood of the author's son. That was the another reason for tears if u watch this movie.

Jesse is a fifth-grade and live in Lark Creek, Virginia where he meets new student named Leslie Burke and they soon become a best friend. Both of them dont have any friends in their school.

One day after school, Leslie dares Jesse to run as fast as they can 'till they reach a river in forest and find  abandoned tree house and a broken down truck on the other side. And after all, they create a new world named Terabithia by Leslie, it's kind of fantasy world where Jesse and Leslie become its king and queen. They do many things in Terabithia, such as repairing the tree house.

The following day, Jesse is invited by his teacher to visit a museum in downtown, and he decides not to invite Leslie to come. When Jesse in museum, Leslie goes to Terabithia by herself, and she gets accident and drown because the rope is broken as the rope is too old and the river is flooding. Jesse's parent guess that jesse is drowned as well as he didn't tell that he goes with his teacher.

Jesse's parent is glad when Jesse comes home, and Jesse gets shock when he know about the accident and Leslie passed away. He regrets all the time because he didn't ask Leslie to come with him, and when Jesse and his family come to Leslie's house as a respect. Leslie's dad tells him that Leslie loved him, and it's not his fault. 

After all, Jesse tries to re-imagine Terabithia and builds a bridge with a sign "Nothing Crushes Us" across the creek to enter Terabithia. And invites his sister, May Belle as the princess.

I'd love this part :

for sure, this movie will drive you crazy or probably insane ! who don't want a best friend like that in this world. We can share everything to them, our shoulder to tear all the pains, our laughs and many things..
This movie consists of a bunch of inspirational scenes, that makes me have to keep my true friends, and feel glad to still have them by my side right now. Or maybe i have to change several-bad-things in me to be a best friend for my best friends. 

 Most of all, i'd adore this scene ! 

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