Friday, October 4, 2013

Still Social Trip 0.2

These are the other pictures of my trip two weeks ago...

Sugar Factory...

and we were starting to enter the factory...

don't know why but i like the combination of the paint in this factory,.. soft green, yellow and soft orange are perfect at the same time.

i found a caffe thingy there.. you know blackboard for menus :p

when i saw this area, i thought it looks like ballet studio, the colonial sense was very strong there.

This is my friend's shoes, he used to wear this shoes everywhere and often stole the attention..

i found this too, pictures of  people, it may be the director of the factory from year to year or somethin, and the vintage type machine. cool.

 Next destination buddy!. KUD Susu Batu, who wants fresh milk? i bought some.

 and, Pipod found this spot, Queen Bee, a honey store. It placed right next to KUD Susu Batu

time for fooling around :)

and the last destination, BI (Bank of Indonesia). This place was really cool, felt like a young executive haha

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