Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Water Castle, Jogjakarta

Oh my gosh! I feel awkward to write on my personal blog!
It's been more than a year since my latest post? I guess yes. I think I should have asked myself "Where have you been?".
Yeah I got through a lot this year and all the things were fun and full of surprises. I'm glad that this year I was doing fine. Well, 2015 is not over yet. I know. I know TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF 2015.  Tomorrow will be 365 days till new year (again)!! I'm so excited!

First thing first! back to my blog. I changed several things, deleted some stuffs, added some details and else. I really want a new face  in 2016 so that I redesign my blog. It is not a major changing but yeah you can tell there is different taste in it. I was thinking that I probably should delete this blog and create the new one that fit to my current state of personality. But I think this blog witnessed my life quite enough so to delete this blog is not a wise option. So here it is! hope you enjoy the new design :)

Anyway, I would not finish this post with nothing related to my 2015. So here I will share you a little bit about my trip in Jogjakarta. It was in early December. I've been looking for opportunity to visit Jogja for holiday after my last visit in August. And fortunately I happened to have a chance to join a conference called BUBW (Better Understanding for a Better World) there so I took the chance to escape for a little bit and accomplished my must-visit-list in Jogja. One of them is Water Castle.

Water Castle or Taman Sari (local name) was onced a part of Ngayogyakarta Palace and it now becomes a tourism destination in Jogja. It has some kind of uniqueness in the architecture in a way it brings a very strong old kingdom atmosphere and not to mention is a good place to take some snaps!

I was lucky that my two friends, Pipod and Puput accompanied me strolled around the place and we took some nice pictures.

My most favorite part of the place is the outer architecture. It was like fallen-kingdom-ish and somehow I felt like I'm in the cave or something.

 and the most popular spot that been spotted on a lot of people's instagram who visited Water Castle.

Despite all of those, we accidentally met a group of people that do a pre-wedding shoot and that was good idea I think. It would be a unique pre-wed pictures.

For you guys who plan to visit Indonesia and especially Jogja, this place is worth a visit. This place is located around 400 meters from Ngayogyakarta Palace, at Taman, Kraton Street. It is open start from 9 a.m. till around 4 p.m (Monday-Sunday). The ticket is pretty affordable, it will only charge you Rp 3K if you are Indonesian and it will charge Rp. 7K if you are foreigner.

and as a bonus guys, here is my picture with two of my friends on the conference. I think I will write about the conference in the next post. Good luck for 2016! may you always be successful for everything good you plan in the future!

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