Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweetest Moment - Behind The Scene

Finally.., after the long - long - long timee. i got my spare time, yay !:)
Hard for me to find this kind of time, especially after i entered the new-(social)class. It was Absolutely Awesome :)) and guess what? now im in the same class with Pipod and Banin two of my friends who have the same interest in bloging

Today i just can post these photos which i took before the event running
The continuation will be the next days.. I just cant expect the date hehe. A usual the "busy" around me :3

I've just found a photo that was inadvertently took. and i put some scratch there :))

These two photos above are the ceiling which shining the venue.. Our venue also covered by photo-wall that showed the tales from the 1st Movie Night up to the 8th. The last before Eagle

 Now. I think that my connection with the internet, mmm -kinda little bit bad. So i'll continue the post tomorrow. vaarwel !!! :))


Andudei Hardyanta said...

good pics, I like the photo filter!

Arif Febriyan said...
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Arif Febriyan said...

Thanks andudei ...

Dana Paramita said...

great photos, boy:D checkout mine if you have a chance thankyou:D

Lucca Yoga said...

oh nice photos :)

Lucca Yoga

Arif Febriyan said...

Thank you Dana..
Yes. I'll visit yours soon ya :)

michelle angeline said...

love how they decorated the ceilings :)
great pics!
Michelle Angeline

Arif Febriyan said...

Yaa, we took an "overtime" for that haha :))