Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweetest Moment - Behind The Scene 2

Wish the internet really fall(in) love with my pc, so i can post fully :) i hope sooo hehe

Anyway, i do post photos taken by me on Eagle's Movie Night as the continuation of a post before..
Hope u guys like the photos. XOXO

What do u think when u see the photos above ? yup! (yes) u right! The event was sweet, decorated by around 50 pink balloons and some white and yellow. Indeed, our venue is not as sweet and filled with candy or lollipop such as a video clip of  California Girl by Katy Perry, but it was sweet enough to re-tell us our moments start on the first day -till the closing. Pleasure :D

Balado. Before the event running. Me and my housmates were preparing for the snack-time during watching the movie. Each guest for one house would be get a package, There were many kind of snack inside. not only balado hehe :)

As the last Movie Night, we did some votings to decide which (guest) house will be the winner for the nomination. There were 8 nominations, such as most favorite theme, most favorite decoration, incredible person in charge and 5 others. The winner would get a parcel, contained of (again) Snack..

 We have a mascot actually, named Puccu. He is a little money-box and blue bear-shaped, long timeee before the event me and my housemates collect and save our money on Puccu. I havent took any photos of him yet, He now brought by one of my housemate. As a keepsake (souvenir) My house gave each (guest) house an another Puccu. There were 2 colors of Puccu at the time, red and blue. The shape originally same but with bigger shape..

Yeah, we have a stage. Eagle's band performed at the night. Play a song of Krispatih, Sepanjang Usia. It was creepy and embrassing moment when me as vocalist cant totally-fully-clearly memorized*the lyrics of the song. Im too chronically nervous at the time hehe. Not just the band, there were some performances of some guest, An accoustic by Maskur and a nostalgia song performed by Wicak

The title of the event is BEMO TOGLE, Best Moment Togetherness of Eagle.

An another ceiling photo. It took from the back side. How sweet :))
Around a post again i will be finish with this topic..  See u at the next post, Happy Reading :)) 


fhenny said...

looks like such a fun event!

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Dana Paramita said...

thankyou for ur comment arif, follow u back already:)

Arif Febriyan said...

Yes.. It was absolutely a fun event :))

Arif Febriyan said...

my pleasure hehe :)