Saturday, September 22, 2012

All elections should be fair, although not all will be The Winners

Often hear the words "all men are born a winner", is it true? If all be the winners, can it be said the winner truly wins if no comparison which called a loser?.

 Photo By Husky Herald

An election is a process in which multiple candidates "winners" are competing and trying to get out with the most votes from the electorate. The selection is generally based on a destination, which could be position, property, etc. In practice, the selection is very useful, especially for democratic public life. With an election, people could learn how to play politics and socializing with their environment. Democratic elections also brought a good impact for the youth, they could try to start voting for the future. The election is mechanism that was implemented and operated in the 17th century for selecting a representative. One of the main functions of the election is as people's media to argue for the continuation of a better social environment. All layers of society have a role in implementing an election. Voters and candidates are two aspects which can not be separated each other. Without voters, an election will not be able to find the results. While no candidate, an election will not run in the absence of selection. The selection is very important to make everyone concerned and sensitive to the surrounding environment. Concern here means that they join and participate to select and choose.

In an electioon, all candidates generally want to stand deliver his first speech as victor. This means that all the candidates want to be a winner. But if all could be a winner ? So where the loser ?. All candidates in the election have the opportunity and the right to be selected. But only candidate who get most voters will come out as winner. This factor is usually worthy cause damage in election. Because all candidates want to be winners, there were frauds. These are negative values of ​​an election, which indirectly educate everyone to act fraudulently. Many elections are to be weak because the rules are violated. Such the committee of election sabotage the results, money politics and the most unfortunate thing is when voters choose not objective but subjective. A time when the election is no longer in line with the main objective to select the quality, the election can be said to fail.

It all comes back to the individual. the voters, candidates and all the aspects involved in the selection should prioritize a better future and apply honesty and objectivity. In an election there must be winners and losers. Therefore choosing the right winner should not be a fraud. (ayk)


Diah Meisani said...

love the photo. it reminds me when i was at elementary. we didn't vote for the captain; the teacher chose :-(

Febriyan Arif said...

Yaa... So did i miss, but since i sat in 4th grader, my class chose their own captain with their own way