Sunday, September 23, 2012

Opiate of the microprocessor

The 21st century is a time when all the work look easier because of the help of microprocessor. Everything can be done with just one touch on the screen, or with the help of objects which have a key-board is none other than PC / computer. More and more portable form, now we know laptop and tablet. So, is it true that people in the days full of High Technology like today actually been addicted? Is this really be said to be helpful?.

 Photo by MoOn ʚɞ 

When I type the words "Functions of computer" in google search engine, there are about 1,210,000,000 results. These prove that computer has very large role in human activity today. The benefits of the computer is very much felt by people with a high level of activity that in fact need for speed in completing their tasks. Top companies around the world are also vying to use the computer / PC technology to facilitate and simplify the process of enterprise. In addition to the world of work, computer also has a role in education. People often judge the progress of an educational institution based on technology they use. More and more sophisticated means they get a chance for best quality education. It really helps the students as well, especially about work and learning, such as completing an essay and seeking information. Besides for work, computer can also be used as a recreation, relaxation and entertainment.

Many of benefits that we can take from a computer that has brain called CPU (Central Processing Unit), but also not a few negative things that we can get. In terms of health, if we spend more time in front of a computer monitor in a day and do it every day. It could be at risk of eye disease, such as minus. Too much chat or make friends with a computer than with our real friends in the real world, can foster anti-social attitude and individualism. Too often rely job to a computer also makes the brain rarely work and dependence, whereas human brain is much smarter than the CPU.

 Photo by Kainat 

Would have been better if each person using technology such as computers wisely. It is true that if the computer was created to facilitate the work of man. But do not let us lose the humanity because of the sophistication of computer technology itself. (ayk)


Joshua Christian said...

Without computer, we wouldn't be able to blog and share our passion to people. But without computer, we could have spent our time doing anything else which could have been as worthy. So everything's good and we just have to live our life wholeheartedly with what's given to us. Take care Febri!

Febriyan Arif said...

Yaa, It back on us respectively Kak Jo :)