Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thats Better, Being Single or Hurting each Other ?

I just did a game or somethin to do together with my classmates, didnt really know what i should call that game. the teacher gave us a yellow-sticky note and pleased us to put our name there.. I did it and i thaught that i have know everythin about that game, i have did the same game when i sat on 10th grader, and.. Bingo !! thats true !!

The rules have explained by the teacher and blah-blah-blah the game began :3
When theres "1, 2, 3 ... 26" heared, we put the yellow-sticky note and give to friend next to us and it gone like that until the count raise 26

Yah. Im actually cant hardly wait for the result at the time... and then when the yellow-sticky note back to my hand, i read it carefully and little bit confused because there were words with different font, size and order EVERYWHERE. So i've to turn left, right, back for multiple times :O and as the endin i realesed my "laugh out loud" respon the comment, message, suggestion, advice, and not rare a protest given by my friends about my self. It just attractive and since that day i felt many of confusing things walkin around my brain (mind). Should i change several or some or all things inside myself as long as all of us feel the comfort ?, haha.. but im gonna take my best effort for this case :))

Anyway, It was a pleasure for me to get some positive critics to build myself as a wanted individual by my pals :) Really needed by me, and it much usefull. So dont take any hurt-feeling for the result on your own yellow-sticky note guys, just put it in your mind as a private mirror for what we called it as "future".

these are the messages i've got from my 25-classmates about me

... The most silly message is goes to my girl-classmate who become a part of hijaber now. Got it ? Just pleased you to looking for the answer haha :D. Anyway, the message is "pengen liat kamu punya cewek" haha LOLs.. honestly i got much of happiness by being such a single happy dearr. i'm not an anti-social or afraid to take the defiance of playing a role in a relationship. I'm (actually) a boy who has chronic-moody/bored syndrome. So i prefer on single rather than a relationship, it doesnt mean i need a mood-booster but i just afraid with a "TIRED" that will raise me in the middle of relation. It's better for me, concern for a relation later, and i dislike a group of words, jelousy, rule, ordinance, faithful or cheating, anyway. Thanks for the message, but now is not the right time :))

Much Love for Ecsotic ,

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