Monday, August 6, 2012

Sweetest Moment - That "Busy"

Hy!! :) as my promise, this is the another one post to complete my topic about Movie Night of Eagle. This posting will tell you, hows our busy before the event.. to prepare all,

Ya, we all take a breakfast together, and the meal actually prepared by our beloved mom, Refriza hehe :)) Guess What? It was around 4:15 a.m. when we have breakfast. And at the previous night the boy members slept at the venue to keep the properties save, as well

This is our beloved mom, on a photo above with the balloons hehe

 They are Eagle Ladies hehe.. This photo took during they prepare for the snack

 At the time, we were really busy. The girls prepare the snack and the boys keep the decoration well,

Dimas try the drum for the performance

in addition, beside our venue covered by a photo-wall, our venue is also decorated by paintings of friends that we borrowed from the school art room. It was awesome :) masterpieces, hehe

after the long work, eventually we finished the decoration of venue and all the property ready. We're just waiting for the time the event started, preparing and practicing for our dance performances. Me and my housmates also performed a dance and wayang performance

and, here is the result,...



Marsela Christie said...

nice pics! come and check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other :)

Joshua Christian said...

seems like tons of fun! Good luck for the event (:

Arif Febriyan said...

Thanks Jo :)

Jessille said...

really fun evemt<3

Jodie Bennett said...

Great photos : )
Would you like to follow each other x x