Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What we called as "Grade Booster"

Did you ever hear young people say "I Hate Monday(s)"?. This kind of words came from the people attending school or called as students. 3 of 5 students said that they do not like homework. But, two others said that they do like homework because it is useful for themselves. Is  homework Harmful or helpful? does it really help or be an additional burden for the school people, I mean students ?.

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As a human being, a student must have felt a little or a lot of loads when teachers provide additional task as homework. Homework is given to the student give impression that the estimated 7 hours of school is not enough. Physical and psychological burden can also be felt as a student’s homework lists keep growing. Indeed, if there is no homework is not named as school, but do not give an overdoses portion. Like a glass of water, if we add it continuosly it can be overflowing. Many of homework also make students become increasingly lazy as more difficult for them to determine their priorities. In terms of psychic, worst thing that could be caused by the homework is boredom, stress and frustration, and even more it can make students hate the school and hate to study. A more general problem is not the honesty of students that can arise because of too much homeworks and difficulties to complete it. This action could be cheating or doing homework in school which are not allowed.

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Although there are some negative sides of the homework, homework also has positive side benefits which can also be felt by students. Homework can make students better to understand the material and can be used as a medium to practice or learn. Discipline and sense of responsibility can also be developed through the provision of homework. Students could be required to share time and began to organize their schedules well. The primary role of homework in school that should not be overlooked is as "Grade Booster" where the marks ​​produced by the students through homeworkt could affect their performance. Just like a machine that produces the product, homework can help students improve their scores when their examination's scores fall.

Is homework helpful or Harmful?. Questions like this can only be answered by each student. Mindset and paradigm greatly affect students' attitudes toward homework. Student should take the positive sides of a homework, so school performance will not be hindered by just complaining and lazy because of homework. (ayk)


Reinhardt Kenneth said...

Homeworks are both harmful and helpful, like they train students to learn more, since if there were no hw-s many wouldn't touch their textbooks, but too much of everything is just sickening and a burden:)

Febriyan Arif said...

Big agree :)

Diah Meisani said...

However, your teachers give you homework to train you, make you understand more about the materials, spend your time with useful activities and many other benefits. Trust me :-)

Febriyan Arif said...

I trust you miss hehe :) It needed by us, students