Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Math Geek //

If i am a math. geek, I certainly won't feel a deep burden when calculating.

All formulas will feel like block notation which i should memorize it with cheerful tones.
How happy, if I am a math geek, 100 on the report card for math lessons will not be difficult.
I'll just nodded in agreement, sign that i really understand what math teachers say,
if i am a math geek.
x and will just like friends for me, maybe. Maybe i will talk in phytagoras formula language. lol.
It named addicted. If i am a math geek, surely i will sit in the front seats and always be the first to raised my hand when the teacher asked.
How happy! if i am a math geek, I'm probably going to be the most presentable students throughout the school, because statistics formulas and laws thaught me to be a melancholy, how to sort everything from small to large, or put it all on the right axis.
If i am a math geek, i will never complain to describe algebra problems. And maybe i will be the most careful, cautious, or somethin because probability chapter prepared me to be like that, smart to read a possibility that will happen.
Or maybe if i am a math geek, i won't sigh when math-hours began and math teachers bring practice-paper-questions that are nearly a dozen. hahh
But it all if i am a math geek. In fact I am still a victim of math. lol. why victim? Ya. Because i have to turn my brain to right or left, up and down, to find my own answer. *yawn*.
Okay, Just, If i am a math geek

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