Sunday, December 2, 2012


If i will be vampire, lol. I just can't stop laugh-out-loud when write this post.
It didn't mean i have no idea to write about this topic, but honestly i'm inspired by Twillight saga, Vampire Diaries serial and when i was tumblr-ing and i found Marilyn Manson's song "If I Was Your Vampire" :)

Vampire known by their charisma of darkness. That's cool.
Yes. the views of vampire has changed. First vampire depicted with a glamour castle, long dress and royal robes. But now the 21st century vampire portrayed in a suit and cool clothes to show that they are not left behind by civilizations and they present around us.
If i will be a vampire, I will do many things that no human being can do. Every vampire has their own skill and ability, they can see the future, the past and read people's minds.
If i will be a vampire, I probably would never have regrets. why? because i was able to fix all my mistakes next year, five years again, even decades longer. lol.
If i will be a vampire, I'd decided to be a vegetarian vampire, because ya how's the taste to drink human blood as food?
but the most importantly, if i will be a vampire, maybe I will not get separated from my family, because if i will be a vampire, of course, before me, my family was a family of vampires. lol :D
just take care then... haha

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