Saturday, December 8, 2012

Owned Oen's Day

I just used my saturday-not really mornin to walkin around Malang Town with Wicak and Dayin and hanged out in a very well-known ice cream spot. But ya, we had to deal with the limit-times, we just had around an hour to walkin around. So ya, we used our time little-bit-well. Just thought that there's no rush lol.

This place gave me a very nice impression since i entered the venue, went to order, and chose my seat. Really high recommended for vintage-seekers. i really doted by the atmosphere, felt like i was in dutch-colonial-era, the properties, interior and even the waiters' costume with their white long blazer and classic headgear, hardly vintage!.

Don't mind to advertising something but this is truely my sense :). Another plus-point that made us heavy to leave the seat is the jazzy and classic performance by the band. That was cool and catched my eyes, so my ears.

This was a silly expressions but i just felt free to post those lol :D oh ya, you know what? when we enjoyed our ice cream, we met with a sweet couple of grandma and grandpa, maybe they are around 50-something years old and they looked very sweet and enjoying their own old life, a kind of fortunate couple.

Ya. we ordered 3 banana splits and each banana split had 3 scops of ice cream to taste in different flavor surely. And i loved the chocolate one, not really sugary but tasty. And this not really charged our wallet. :)

And as the closing before we leave, we filled a questionnaire. That was good idea as buyers' media to talk and tell somethin. Inspiration to form and own a business pals :)

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