Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warm Hugs for DECEMBER

Ya allah. I just got a challenging moments from you.
That's fine. But, just gimme the strength. I don't want this weakness.
Make the sincere-concept cling on my mind and heart-beat,
so i can face and deal with the heart-breaker problems
I ask you for a better everything in this december and forever.
Trust me, i'll try my best, but make me believe on my destiny.
Give my mom the most beautiful place there..
Tell her that i, merdy and ayah missed her so muchhh
Hopefully we can meet her again someday,
I wont forget all the moments, when she hugged me
And keep my father and my little sister well
Give me and my lil-sister an ability to make our parents proud of us
My family deseve their happiness
Help me in exam also.. Give me the right track
"Thanks Allah for everything, Sorry if i asked you much,"
Ayik and Family


Marvin Pamuntjak said...

I love your blog.
Also the owner :)(y).
Don't think to much, I love girls :D

Febriyan Arif said...

haha lol...
i just have to take away then :D
anywy, thanks banzhang

Saveera Vivid said...

halah let say youre mahok zhang -_-

Saveera Vivid said...

oh well, i love that picture! xmas is coming! hands-rubbing