Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mirror and Reflection (2012 - 2013)

In a previous post I have been told that I'm not the type of person who likes to make resolutions for New Year. But I tend to make corrections and try not to make the same mistakes in the new year. I'm not the one who let all of the things flow. But I just want to live happily and regardless as long as I've tried.

I have some plans and desires in 2013, I do not know is more inclined to include a resolution or correction again. Maybe you can help to determine.

Many people describe life as a wheel, sometimes above and sometimes below. There is also someone say that life is like oranges, if you can't definitely take or choose the right one you will get the sour. I now the world doesn't lack of philosophers or poets. But I feel, life does not mean how we think it, but how we feel it, especially feel like we proud for being who we are . Life is not like a shirt that has the size, life can be for whatever we want and expect. Therefore, now I feel I need a plan to start a new life.

Of course I've learned a lot from last year and now I feel that I'm already on the right track and I had to through the track by believing in myself and started to fulfill all  my plans.

Here me go. list of my plans in 2013 that made up because of everything happened last year and these plans will continue even later was no longer 2013:

1. Be happily ever after with my family.
2. Be a good son for my father and a good brother for my little sister
3. Remedials. I'd love to come back as junior high school again, never got remedial and always got score above the standart. I will study harder to gain this.
4. Good Exam Scores. I will study harder for this (again).
5. Achieve more achievements. Especially for my recent competitions, journalist competition again. Wish me luck.
6. Continue my study to my favorite university (UGM).
7. Continue study abroad.
8. Improve my voice,
9. Do some covers
10. Release my very first outfit post.
11. Be more resilient to face defeat and stay humble when get victory
12. Be nice to everyone.
13. Regretless. because i believe everything happened for a reason.
14. Be positive.
15. Be true to who am i.

That's all. By the time run my plans for the better me and my life will increase by itself

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