Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Ayik

How's life ? How's your 17-years-old-days? several months left for your birthday, it's about two months, that's so cool!, but you know what i used to wish you all the best, and i hope you always try to be the better me all the time.

mm.... anyway, how's your 12th grade year ? is that good ? i hope so. I believe you always try your best to face all the exams and "the stuffs". Please, i beg you, don't ever look back!. Just deal with your upcoming future. Look, i'm the person who know you much than anyone else. Forget all the pains!, you'll be paid for all your efforts.

I know that several things darkened your days this pas 8 or 9 months, but who knows the reasons of God to gave you those kind of challenges, You'll be a big man soon, a big man with all your dreams come true and God pays your efforts. I trust you more than my past. You'll graduate from high school and continue your study in your favorite university. Don't miss your whole-life-dream to go to New York and get a chance to study in Yale.

What you need to do now is keep your own coffee (red: life) and don't let anyone put some unknown stuffs there, don't let them interfare your own if it will make you mess. If you're now a messed after all that you've been through, just figure out a to find the pieces of the puzzle to fit your life again.

I think too much now, as you know i'm over thinker. So ah, i need to end this letter, and sum this up with your reply when your dreams one by one come true. I'm glad to talk to myself in 8 or 9 months later. Again, this is unusual for me to write on myself but that's so cool! lol. Oke, maybe now i have to end this letter, thanks for give me some pieces of your crowd-scheduled-time. I will always wish you for the best. Good luck with your all stuffs, see ya in our bright future, (amien...)

From deeply thoughts and feelings,
Ayik in the past

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