Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time Out.

I don't know why, but it was always like this. When i close to the last year, surely the time will be felt very quickly. Like yesterday was the first year. I'm totallly a messed right now. It's really hard to deal with my feeling. yes, i'm happy because after this will be the college or university time. But just list all the things i have to pass-through in order to happily end this year and done with all the stuffs without regrets.

It little bit makes me freak out or something, but wait it doesn't mean i can't believe on myself. I just get shocked by the shocking time lol. The time was too rush, and such a hurry. It's hard to figure out when the condition talks about t.i.m.e, it's something out of our control and can be worst if we don't use it wisely.

Talking about final year or 12th grade, i will make a list consists of things i need to do, i have to do, and i want to do. Of course i don't want to be a jerk in this final year. I'll try my best to gain all my dreams and to actualize all my plans. I will leave my unimportant or time-wasted stuffs during this final year.

Anyway, i was little bit confused when i first wrote this feature and put the title. Why Time Out? i think it because this is my really final year after preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school. It's such an exciting thing to realize that no longer for me for a new life. Colleger's life, thats so cool! can't hardly wait for that. Hopefully it can bring more funny stuffs than my life in senior high. 

Mmm... honestly i write this feature in midnight, it's about 11.30pm and sorry if maybe my imagination about this topic is messed up or something, but i'm still exciting for the brand new life after high school lol. I think all my friends will heve the different thoughts about this. And ya, this is my own :p

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