Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It's been a long day for me not writing in this blog and i realized my last post was 3 months ago. Well, during those three months there were a lot things happened include this very new life experience of me. Several weeks ago i was in the finale of batik fusion that held by @america. That was a design competition and i had to design an outfit which represents american-indonesian culture connection.

....and here is the picture reports...

First of all sorry for the picture resolution, i didn't bring any camera but mobile phone atm.
So there were 7 finalists and mine is the one with cropped bomber jacket and latex pants.


I was like very glad to be part of this event. I met a lot of Pros and my judges are from USA and one of them graduated in NYC. can you spell it N.Y.C. All the other finalist are also such a pro and really into fashion. I'm such a fans for their designs :)

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