Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've always wanted to go

"...Baby I'm from New York!
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There's nothing you can't do
 Now you're in New York!..."

Wait. Hold on. Before you judge me or something. This is totally different with nationalism, well i talk about something different. Again, something different :)

Talking about my last year in high school, reminded me of my dream to go to New York. My close friends already knew this is due to broadway, some brands (lol), skyscrapers, and glee ... but wait it's not about NYADA, of course I know that NYADA doesn't really exist or just fiction in glee. The rest is this is about my future education.

There is my dream university out there, and it's located in New York, it's called Columbia University. I really want to study journalism and business there. When i read this Our faculty, a diverse group of award-winning professionals, work closely with students to provide a foundation for our graduates to become leaders in a fast-changing news media, it makes me like okay i want it so bad, i have to go. it's about journalism school out there, this thing can be my stepping stone to be a part of Fox.

I have a silly idea, that by the time I get married and have child, I want to move to new york when my child is 4 years old. I don't know why it should be so, but I just wanted to, and it's only ambition, It can be changed.

When i see my seniors graduated two days ago, i just thought that there are a bunch of things i need to do before my graduation next year. I wish i have accapted by one of my dream-university in Indonesia before the graduation day. I can achieve some "goods" again in my final year, and graduate from high school without regrets, and i can hear my family and my close people say "I'm proud of u" again. 

Wish Allah always by my side and help my every single effort, and set happy days for me and family, also my friends. amien, :)


Saveera Vivid said...

Hey Yankee! If NYC is yours let me take London! See ya in the airport haha

Febriyan Arif said...

why not? it's about 5 years more, amien :)

Saveera Vivid said...

Aye! I've posted mine also finally! Here it comes:

Keep calm and happy reading mate :D