Saturday, May 10, 2014

Definitely A Me Time

Well i'm not really writing lately and there are more than a dozen things that i want to write.
But i don't know which one have to come first.

Okay. So it's been almost three days i slept at the wee small hours of the morning. But the fact is i used to drink coffee everyday, weeks before final exam day exactly, but now i don't really drink coffee or caffeine-family-kind-of-drinks. and you can guess the result....

sleep in the day, awake at night. 

Hal yang pertama adalah kejadian yang baru pertama kali aku lakukan sendiri selama 18 tahun ini, tau apa? nonton. well pasti gak kebayang gimana garingnya nonton sendiri di bioskop, no one to talk. padahal samping kiri, (bangku samping kananku kosong), depan, belakang pada sama temen, pacar, dkk, Tapi hening juga sih orang-orang itu nontonnya, padahal banyak adegan yang bisa bikin at least komen, aku nonton divergent waktu itu. Sebenernya udah berencana nonton sama si dia, but she had stuffs at the moment, dan akhirnya aku keluar sama temen-temen yang gak bertujuan nonton, tapi awalnya aku pikir ada yang mau ngikut soalnya kayak excited juga gitu pas aku bilang mau nonton. Ternyata gak. But i'm glad i was there and having such a hilarious experience. well you should try this, when you are definitely in a moment of crowd and you are completely a stranger there, you only have yourself, your mind, your opinion and no one will argue with that. It's completely you. It's silly but it will help you to know yourself, to play with your minds. which one is right and which one is wrong. At that moment you will know exactly what happen around you, what is your surrounding. You live the moment.

Hal yang kedua adalah kebiasaan baruku main kuis-kuis internet semacam which divergent faction do you actually belong in, which hogwarts house do you belong in, which hunger games district do you belong in. well sejak kapan aku semaniak ini. Cuman iseng aja sih, ngisi waktu, dan hasil-hasil yang aku dapat cukup mind-blowing. Let me tell you this, in my real high school world i'm in eagle house, people used to call us unpredictable people, and the serious one compared with the other eight houses just because people in my house have a bad taste of humour, well it's people opinion, some agree some disagree. And in that sci-fiction stories world, i'm an erudite, belong in ravenclaw and from district twelve. well you should try the quiz. sometimes the result tell the reality. i played the quiz in

Cukup dua aja deh yang lain masih nginget-nginget, sekarang mau nerusin baca insurgent dulu. liburan (bisa jugalah disebut liburan) yang cukup panjang ini sampe ngabisin ide mau ngapain. yang sekarang juga lagi di senior year of high school, i wish you a very happy holiday.

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